Yellow Pages Are Extinct

Is your practice still relying on yellowpage advertising to bring in new patients? Sadly, the yellowpages have become a dying breed since over 90% of consumers begin their search for a product or service online. The fact is that most phonebooks end up in the recycling bin the moment they arrive because people know that they can search online for the services that they need.


What if an encyclopedia salesman were to show up at your door trying to sell you a set of encyclopedias? Would you have any use for them in today’s technological environment? Of course not! Almost every piece of information that an encyclopedia could offer you can be found easier and faster online. (Wikipedia) The same thing applies to those consumers out there who may be looking for the type of services you offer. Check out this eye opening newsclip I found which tells the story of why you should be focusing a majority of your marketing efforts and money online rather than on the yellow pages.


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