10 Super Techniques To Get More Fans On Your Facebook Page

Ok so you have your Facebook Fan Page created but now you are sitting there wondering how in the world do you possibly get people to visit your page and more importantly LIKE your page. It’s no real secret the impact that Facebook Pages is having on businesses of all sizes. Because of the “viral” nature of how Facebook works, it is fast becoming a great tool for any business owner to have in their arsenal.


When I use the term “viral” I am speaking of the incredible way how content can easily be spread throughout the members on Facebook. The average Facebook member has an average about 130 or more friends and when someone happens to LIKE your page then your information gets seen by their friends in their news feed. Because of this, many of their friends may end up on your page and possibly go ahead and LIKE your page as well. When they do this then their friends will also see this in their news feed which is what creates a “viral” effect for your business. One of the frustrations that many business owners find themselves facing however is how exactly do they get more people to visit their fanpage and LIKE their page so that they can start benefitting from some of this “viral marketing” that I have just finished mentioning. Below you will find 10 (not so secret) secrets to getting more exposure to your Facebook Fanpage and getting more LIKES.


  1. Post a status update to your page wall.  Ask people to join your facebook page and be sure to give them a good reason for doing so.
  2. Place a facebook “Like Box” on your website. When you create a Like Box to add to your website you are allowing your website visitors to become a fan of your page without leaving your website.
  3. Put a link to your facebook page in your email signature that way every single time you send out an email then you will also be promoting your fanpage as well. Sigwich is one of many online services which allows you to create a pretty impressive email signature.
  4. Promote your facebook page on all of your marketing materials. Business cards, flyers, posters, t-shirts, mugs, and any other thing you can think of.
  5. Offer visitors to your fanpage a really great freebie or discount when they like your page.
  6. Add a link to your facebook page in the profile section of the other social networking websites that you belong to such as LinkedIn.
  7. Create a custom facebook URL that is easy for potential fans to remember. When you first create your facebook page you are given a really long URL which is next to impossible to remember and too long to print anywhere. In order to create a custom URL for your page simply log into your facebook account and then go to facebook.com/username and follow the instructions.
  8. Use facebook ads to target specific people who might want the type of product or service that you have to offer. Facebook ads allow you to target people by their location, age, gender, and interests.
  9. Link your personal profile to your facebook page. When you create your personal facebook page you are able to link it to places you work and businesses you own so be sure to take advantage of this feature in order to give your page more exposure
  10. Last but not least one of the best ways to get more fans is to use a reveal tab on your facebook page. So what exactly is a reveal tab? When someone visits your page they will automatically be directed to a tab which encourages and compels them to like your page (click here for an example) Once they like the page then a new page is “revealed.” 98% of business owners have the same boring facebook page that takes visitors directly to their facebook wall. A reveal tab helps take your page from ordinary to extraordinary.

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