Social Promotions

We can help you create powerful and effective viral social contests, sweepstakes, and coupons designed to grow your fans and followers and boost your marketing. It’s no secret that social media has become the new “word of mouth” platform. Smart business owners are using contests and sweepstakes as a strategy to strengthen their social media prescence and increase the size of their audience. Contact Us today to learn how we can help you use social media to grow your business.




Why run a social contest or promotion?


index Promotions draw traffic to your Facebook Page or Twitter

index Contests, can draw entrants and those entrants then share with Facebook friends to invite friend votes, thereby drawing even more visitors to your Page

index Any Facebook ”Like”, Comment, or Share of a entry boosts the visitor connection to your Facebook Page, increasing the likelihood of them seeing your future posts in their News Feed.

index People love deals and deals can be a means to new business and repeat business!

index A promotion or contest run on Facebook can boost product and brand recognition



Number-1-icon Our company will create a custom registration page for you, where participants can enter their contact information to sign up for your contest or giveaway.
Number-1-icon After a participant enters their contact information to register for your promotion, they will be automatically sent to a custom thank you page which we also create for you, where they will be incentivized to share your promotion.
Number-1-icon We will provide each participant with their own “invite link” that we will automatically keep track of for you. Participants will be able to share this link with their family, friends, and others within their social network. This is a great opportunity to grow your list with potential new clients.
Number-1-icon Participants are able to earn points when they share their “invite link” and get others to sign up for your promotion. By doing so, they can increase their chances of winning or unlock special rewards as an incentive for motivating them to share your promotion.
Number-1-icon Our team will write and set up all email notifications to send to each of your promotion participants each time someone signs up to win or when a reward is unlocked by them. We will follow up with them for the duration of the promotion to gently remind them of the rewards they can earn for helping share your promotion in order to get you the maximum amount of exposure.