Remarketing 101 For Doctors

Let’s say a potential patient visits your website but never picks up the phone to call you or never fills out your webform. It’s obvious that they were at least a little bit interested in your business, but how do you engage and follow up with them if you have no way to reach them? Well thanks to the people at Google there is a great strategy called “remarketing” which basically allows you to do just that.

The way it works is that you put a simple code on your website and once someone visits your website then a “cookie” (another type of code) is placed on their computer. Now when they leave your website and visit select other sites on the internet, they will be exposed to advertisements by you. This of course is great for your practice because it allows you to keep engaing that prospect and marketing to them long after they have left your website. You can check out the videos below for more information on this.



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